Typical or atypical? Local or foreigner? Over the years, the caravan has been included in the typology of buildings in the Czech landscape. An atypical that has become a type. What does a wagon like a UFO sent to the forest, to a meadow, or behind a kiln do here? It never harmed, it was a visitor, a nice little object in nature. Without a fence, without infrastructure - that's why they love nature and landscape. That's why he became a type. Over the years, however, the use has changed. The landscape is no longer full of migrating caravans with comedians and gypsies. They are no longer those visitors. They settled where they liked. They work as beehives, huts, truce farms and a few of the uninhabited serve, for example, bricklayers and circuses. So instead? Beautifully...

Nothing complicated. A simple object with three spaces. One central with a generous living room, kitchen, stairs and gallery. On the sides there are two rooms with a room, a bathroom, a toilet and a vestibule. The living room is open by a large window to the hills, to the forest, across the meadow, to the drowned stars in the pond. And finally? It is a game. Choose a graceful place, the right shape and a pleasant material.

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