Housing in Polička

Polička is a city with a „human“ scale, decorated with two distinctive dominants of the town hall and the Church of St. James in a center whitch is surrounded by a crown of walls. A city with pleasant streets, a square and a park. We want to follow up on this in the proposal. We surrounded the original house with two new apartment buildings which are materially connected to the development of both adjacent streets Revoluční and Lidmilové. The new houses follow the scale of the surrounding buildings. The shape of the houses defines the public space. From the side to the street there is more of a relaxing character with benches and a drinking fountain, nearby there is a children‘s section with climbing frames and a sandpit. The facades of the new houses are made of concrete bricks - reminiscent of the stone walls of the walls. The houses are complemented by wooden elements including window and door frames as well as deck decks with trellises. The new houses are surrounded by raised herb gardens separating the windows on the ground floor from direct contact from the street.

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